Life Is A Beach

Life Is A Beach

I often wondered why is it that I am a pebble man when it comes to the choice of beaches. It sounds like a phrase from Flintstones but you would be surprised to learn that for some people it is a prevailing factor when going on holiday.

Some of you are already cheering: Quite right so as there is nothing more annoying than sand being literally plastered to your body the moment you get out of the water. Aided by the scorching sunrays, your look is transformed to a builder in swimming trunks.

When in Rome behave like… This phrase is universal and when it comes to Dubrovnik, you may notice that quite a few people go to beaches, read rocks and that everyone has their favorite spot, which is as sacred as St Blaise’s relic head. (St Blaise is Dubrovnik’s patron saint.)

Banje is a rare sandy beach in the vicinity of the Old Town. It is now split in two as one of the halves is a retro beach bar club. As for the other half, that is where mere mortals go for free and enjoy the same old sea. Another well famous sandy beach is Sunj on the island of Lopud. This one is a natural beach hence more pleasant to enjoy.

As for my pebbles, beach belonging to Hotel Dubrovnik President is a winner alongside the one belonging to Hotel Plat.

For all of you peeps in search of rocky adventures, pay a visit to an island of Lokrum.
Despite the loom and doom bestowed upon the island by the Benedictines for the ill fate of eviction from their monastery, at the times of Dubrovnik Republic, Lokrum is still a botanical paradise. Its stillness is at times shattered by the peacocks, protruding themselves in a quite dominant way.

Last but not the least, a friendly peace of advice. Your budget permitting, pay a visit to Elaphite’s three islands. Kolocep will give you a feeling of an islander who is at Dubrovnik’s doorstep. Sipan will charm you with nature’s simplicity and mode of life which has been set in for decades. As for Lopud, well one word: Sunj.


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