Kovalam Beach India Travel

Kovalam beach india

The sea shores of Kovalam in Kerala offer a blissful holiday to its beach lovers. It depict the golden miles that welcome the gentle waves and and the natural rays, all the year round. The best time to enjoy a beach vacation in Kovalam is from October to March, when swimmers, surfers and sun-bathers covers miles after miles and explore its scenic beauty.

Beach Activities in Kovalam, Kerala

Kovalam beholds three touristy beaches, namely- Samudra, Hawah and Lighthouse. All the three beaches are best places for hang out, particularly in the evening. A number of open-air cafes and pizzerias offers the cool ambiance to the visitors. They arrange deck-chairs, eatables and leisure activity for the sybarite and also organizes water-sports equipments for the adventure lovers.

Water sports in Kovalam beach in Kerala

Beach travel in Kovalam gets exciting with undertaking dozens of water-sports on Kovalam beaches.

The beach shacks and resorts, set up Hawah beach offers surfing boards and boating facilities to the adventurers. Visitors can also opt for boating offered by the local fishermen.

On visiting Thiruvallom, located 8 km from Kovalam temple, enthusiast can enjoy a boat ride on Kerala backwaters. The riding adventure is organized by Thiruvallom Boat Club, which further pave the way to Pozhikkara Beach. The spot offers the scenic view of Karamana and Parvathy Puthanaar river, that joins the great Arabian Sea.

Ayurveda on Kovalam Beach

The serene atmosphere of Samudra beach promotes Ayurveda in Kerala. The beach is one of the quietest beach in Kovalam and presents the place to get engaged in the vedic therapy. Apart from meditating on the beach, the ubiquitous Ayurveda is offered by centers, that has acquired a special Green Leaf and Olive Leaf certification. The Somatheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort and Manaltheeram Ayurvedic Beach Village on Chowara beach(8 km south of Kovalam) is popular all over the world.

Accommodation in Kovalam

Beaches in Kovalam are dotted with places of stay, which suits visitors pocket. Leela Kempinski Kovalam Beach Resorts, Taj Green Cove Resort and Hotel Samudra are some elite accommodation option on Samudra beach. Holidaymakers can also opt for Hotel Neelakanta on Hawah beach, Marine Palace on Lighthouse beach and Somatheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort in Chowara beach in Kovalam

How to reach Kovalam beach:

By Air
The nearest International Airport to Kovalam beach is at Thiruvananthapuram(19 km)

By Rail
Thiruvananthapuram Central, situated 13 kms away is the nearest railway station to Kovalam beaches

By Road
NH47 connects Kovalam with Alappuzha, Kollam, Kanyakumari, Thiruvananthapuram and other major tourist destinations in South India.


Beach Holiday Travel Insurance – Some Sobering Advice

Beach Holiday Travel Insurance

A beach holiday is something we all dream of – a time of relaxation and carefree fun – just like the pictures in the holiday brochures.

See yourself there now… relaxing on a sun-kissed, white sand, tropical beach, sipping an icy drink through a straw, while palm fronds sway gently in the breeze… Later, as the sun sets, the hypnotic rhythm of a native steel band summons you along the shore, where the love of your life and more rum punches await…

Screech… Sorry, but a nasty jolt back to reality – and some words of caution. If you plan on activities like snorkeling, windsurfing or sailing think twice before ordering another cold cerveza – or cocktail with a funny name; you know the ones – they look like fruit juice, with a pretty umbrella. Those on Hen and Stag trips should pay particular attention because the majority of holidaymakers have no idea that travel insurance is unlikely to cover claims when intoxication is found to be a factor! Sorry to spoil the fantasy, but it’s a sobering fact from the real world… Remember that?

Travel insurance covers many aspects of a holiday, but does not provide an excuse to act irresponsibly. All policies have exclusions regarding ‘willful exposure to peril’ but who bothers to read the boring insurance jargon? Basically it means the insured is expected to do everything possible to prevent injury, illness, and damage or loss to property. In other words – to act as if there is no insurance!

Don’t jump at the cheapest quote on that online comparison site. Check the levels of cover – especially medical expenses and hospital benefit. In countries like the USA medical costs can be mind-boggling, so be especially careful if heading for places like Miami or Malibu. Emergency medical repatriation is another essential which may be missing from that cheap policy. It’s worth paying a bit more to make sure the cover is adequate.

Do you understand the meaning of ‘incidental’ basis?

Going snorkeling or on a helicopter sightseeing trip, for example, is normally covered on an ‘incidental’ (casual) basis. The difference is that going on a sailing holiday would be ‘non-incidental’ because the main purpose of the trip is sailing.

Are your planned activities covered?

Activities like wind surfing, deep sea fishing, banana boating and parascending are normally covered on an incidental basis. Kayaking and scuba diving cover may depend on the grade or depth.

Rented water sports equipment may not be well maintained or up to a safe standard, plus the operators may not be licensed or insured – so personal liability can be an issue. Travel insurance policies do not normally cover personal liability claims arising from use of any vehicle, watercraft, or mechanically propelled conveyance – which includes jet skis. An example would be renting water-ski equipment and an accident caused breakage of the equipment or, worse, injury to third parties. One more word of caution… Without travel insurance it is the responsibility of the family of an injured or deceased person to pay the medical expenses and arrange repatriation of the injured – or the body. Who would want to put their loved ones through that?

What else can you do to avoid trouble? Find out about potentially unfriendly sea life at your destination. There are hazards like jellyfish, which could deliver a painful or even deadly sting, so learn to spot them before they make contact. Sea critters like stingrays may hide in the sand and attack it you tread on them so invest in a pair of beach shoes to wear in the surf. Take care with food and drink to avoid the Tourist Two Step, Delhi Belly, Montezuma’s Revenge, Casablanca Crud – or worse.

With a bit of thought and preparation nothing should spoil those long, lazy, happy, sun-filled days at the beach. Choose your travel insurance wisely, whether it be single trip, annual multi-trip, or a backpacker policy (cheaper because of reduced cover for luggage). Pack an ounce of common sense along with the beach towels and sunscreen, go easy with the rum punches, and your holiday should turn out exactly like the one in the glossy holiday brochure!

Travel Agency Affiliate Program – Tips On Cashing In On Exotic Travel While You’re On The Beach

Travel Agency Affiliate Program

Traveling to another exciting place to spend some vacation with the family or loved ones is one of the things that many people look forward every year; this creates an excellent opportunity for you to make money online by joining a travel agency affiliate program where you can earn generous income by referring people to avail of the vacation packages offered by the travel agency.

One of the best things about this type of affiliate program is that the demand is high since there are millions of people who are traveling across various parts of the world every month. Hence, the opportunity to earn money through the travel agency affiliate program is endless; and they are only quite few affiliates venturing into this type of business because most of these programs have strict requirements when it comes to accepting affiliates compared to the standard affiliate programs.

Consequently, you have more chances of earning good income with only few competitors compared to joining affiliate programs selling digital products like electronic books, videos, and online courses among many others. On top of that, the demand is huge and endless because there are thousands of people traveling across the globe every day.

You might come to think that traveling has a peak season that usually occurs around summer time and Christmas season; well that may be right but the truth is that almost every month there is usually a season where people travels in various countries to relax and unwind. Summer in the United States of America happens every June to September; while other countries around the world have summer in other months.

Hence, you can change the focus of your promotion of the travel agency affiliate program in areas where the season is summer time in order to have consistent sales and regular income. During Christmas season, you have great chances of getting enough sales to spend for your holidays since many people during this time are going to spend their Christmas somewhere else; along with their family and loved ones.

Therefore, if you want to make some money online to augment your present level of income then one of the lucrative programs to join where you can enjoy higher success rate is the travel agency affiliate program where you have unlimited chances of earning by taking advantage of the huge demand on travel across many parts of the world; during various seasons every year.